2017 Van

Welcome to our site for Day 1 of Design Thinkers 2017 in Vancouver. Each section will first feature a quote from the speaker, then we state our key takeaway, showcase some of their work and provide their social links. Hope you enjoy!

Design Thinkers

If you want to change your look, change your tool.

Timothy Goodman Works
Timothy Goodman

To do work that is yours and you love you first must do a lot and a lot and a lot of work.

If you see something special in someone tell them.

Dana Tanamachi

Plan for your future in areas that are important to you.

Timothy Goodman Works

Talented and smart people will always
be talented and smart. Be loyal.

Timothy Goodman Works
Emily Lessard

The past can offer priceless insight into understanding the present and the future.

It’s time to redesign design. We can either go toward
industry standards or industry stagnancy.

Alex Schleifer

Always be open to new and better ways of doing things.

Timothy Goodman Works

Simple often equates to boring, not important and clean.

Timothy Goodman Works
David Carson

True experimentation
in design has been lost.

You have to be really good at something to break the rules.

Scott Dadich

The end of The Sopranos is perfect metaphor for being a good designer.

Timothy Goodman Works

Being kind isn’t always easy. Or convenient.
But it has the potential to change everything.

Timothy Goodman Works
Cap Watkins

Stop to think how you feel about something.
Everything is emergency.
Nothing is an emergency.